Casually jumping on the bandwagon with a 2013 recap… 

I started 2013 wanting to just make a comeback to dancing. 2011 it had taken a backseat due to other commitments, and 2012 was a write off with injuries and ending the year in a moon boot. So my goals were to actually get back into dancing; maintain and strengthen my battered feet and legs; compete as much as possible and travel interstate; qualify for London. 2013 was supposed to be my last year, with London the last whirl! haha. 

I managed to compete locally and interstate more than I have any other year. For a while there almost every second weekend I was feising! It was awesome, I didn’t realise how much I had missed it. There were some average, some good and some great results. But the best part was meeting some great new people and having the chance to catch up with old friends as well. 

A group of us even travelled over the New Zealand for the Trans Tasman Titles. It was a brilliant weekend away in a beautiful place with very fun people. After years in dancing it is so nice to be part of a school that feels more like a family. Even got a chance to compete a couple of times in a 2-hand! Normally only an Under 16 section for Nationals and States, but a few comps had a Senior one. So much fun.

Nationals was a blast - again, an awesome group of people. Don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun at a Nationals. One of our young teams placed 5th, and I know at least one of the girls slept in her medal - bless. Unfortunately my spray tan appointment clashed with my nephew’s presentation… so I received news of his 3rd Place while standing in a tanning tent in my underwear, trying not to cry in case I streaked my face! A highlight of family history right there :-) I danced in a large & tough senior ladies section. I can’t even remember my exact place, I was just stoked to be in the recall. I remember standing on stage at the start of the presentation, scanning the faces and names who were there and thinking woah, this section is mental. 

I managed to keep on top of the usually ridiculous number of foot niggles and injuries. I finally found a brilliant Physio who I actually trust. I would not have made it through this year without her. She has an amazing understanding of how the body works as a system and also understands the dancer/competitor mindset. It is the first year in a LONG time where I haven’t had a major injury related set back. Although I did spend a week on crutches with a sprained ankle - it was a stupid alcohol-related accident so I refuse to count it was a dancing injury lol. 

Overall the dancing year was a pretty good one - the best in a long time (possibly the best yet). The only let down was States. I had worked my backside off leading up to it, and two weeks before hand I was interstate and danced possibly the best set of my life. The two weeks before hand though, life and work took over and being totally honest, the focus slipped away from dancing. I know I didn’t dance my best on the day, but I still danced well. I knew I needed 7th to qualify. I had placed 8th last year on one week of practice after spraining my ankle a month before, so just wanted to improve on that. 

Results came out and I was called… in 8th. Again. One place out. Again. The hardest part of the whole thing was that I could see two younger dancers from my school in the front row, holding hands and crossing their fingers until my place was called both their faces just fell and crumpled. In the end it turned out that two judges had placed me within the qualifying spots - just one had placed me low enough to drop me out. Frustrating, annoying. Specially as I had planned on London being my last comp before TCRG.

So after teams at Nationals, my mum and a few other dancers and parents in the school were asking if that was it… think I made mum’s day when I said I WOULD be doing another year. I learnt a lot over the last year, about looking after my body and also about myself… just not ready to stop. So in a way I am kinda glad things turned out that way.. onwards and upwards. :-)