Nationals flights booked! Goodbye bank account!


tony abbott: *comes to australia as an immigrant on a boat, had free university education*
tony abbott: so i wanna talk about two things i am really against

The Senior Lady Struggle is Real

  • TC: Now, cross.
  • TC: Cross more.
  • TC: No, MORE. Toes further apart!
  • Me: But...what about the diamond?
  • TC: No.
  • Me: But...isn't...isn't that the thing?
  • TC: No, no, that USED to be the thing. You dance very well for that, but NOW the thing is WAAAAAAAY overcrossing.
  • Me: Oh.
  • Me: *overcrosses*
  • Me: *falls over*
  • they want a 10karat princess cut diamond now.

"I am a dreamer, a doer & a believer that anything is possible."

Lorna Jane Clarkson (via lornajaneactive)

I need to stop recommending my physio to people. Can’t get a bloody appointment with her now cos she’s too damn popular.


Starting a series. It’s not radical to expect your boundaries to be respected, or safety on the streets. It’s not radical to want a good, clear, standard for consent. It’s not radical to want to stop victim blaming. It’s not radical to want to destroy rape culture.