After two interviews and positive feedback so far - I just phoned to say I no longer want to apply for what would have been a dream job for me. A company I love, product I believe in, culture and teams I would love working with, more hours, better pay, a step up the ladder, and more promotion opportunity in the future. 

I pulled out because it would have had a huge impact on the time and energy I would have available for dancing, and I would potentially have had to sacrifice my last Worlds (that I’ve been through hell to qualify for) as Easter is a blackout period for manager’s leave. 

It was literally my dream job - a year too soon. 



I started dancing in 2003.

I never placed very well and in fact I am pretty used to coming last or within the last two or three of the section.
I could never get my legs high because I’m not flexible.
I always needed more ‘oomph’.
I opted for stockings before bubble socks because I didn’t have…

Anonymous asked:
Advice for comparing yourself to others? I only have this problem in dance tbh. I do sports and never had an issue with accepting that some people were better, and same with life in general. But in dance I have such a hard time with certain people getting to a level at a younger age or beating me at a feis or whatever else.


I generally never had a problem with this, but there have been a few different times in my career where a few rivalries developed and I needed to reign myself in.

My mantra for situations like this, as well as any subjective component such as judges, rotations, stages, etc is “only worry about what you can control.” 

If you’re worried about someone beating you, classmates passing you by, or not getting the results you hope for, vow to only put energy into what you can control. You can control how you dance, how you practice, how much effort you put forth, and how you perform. You can’t control how much someone else practices, what age they got to your level, how judges will score you, etc. 

All you can do is put energy into making yourself the best dancer you can be. There’s ALWAYS going to be someone better than you, but there will always be someone behind you wishing they were in your shoes too. No matter how good we can there’s always something we can do better.