Today’s class:

let’s play how many times can you fall over with brand new hardhoes?

let’s play how many clicks can you miss with brand new hardshoes?

let’s play how many blisters on top of blisters can you get with brand new hardshoes?

keep in going guys I think this is my favourite game


Australian Tumblr Photoset #13

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American photoset #12 

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reblog if there is an O in front of your number instead of a U.


Very, very much an &O

Also very VERY O.

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I want to know everyone’s dance story. Reblog this and I will come and ask and read each and every story.. And most likely reblog and tell you that you are awesome.

I’m going to reblog the crap out of all of these cause these are my fav and you guys are all amazing 😘

~ Seriously, why does dance have to screw our bodies up so much?!



And I’m not even talking about the big injuries - ankle sprains, breaks etc. I’m talking the every day “niggles” that prevent us from doing normal things, and even stop us dancing our best.

The last two months I’ve had pain through my butt/hip/upper hamstring/lower back. It’s all overly tight and…

This is so true, but we’re too passionate to care otherwise!

P.S. totally would have bought these amazing cute boots tonight, but they have a heel and I refuse to wear anything with a heel until I’m retired because I cannot risk a misstep and rolling an ankle. So Irish dancing is dictating my fashion too.

Oh, I have these amazing shoes I bought in London. They have a massive heel, point toe, blue, black and leopard print. Matching bag too.

They are going to be “TCRG shoes”. I will not wear them till I am not competing anymore. But I still bought them!

I’ll give you three guesses…

Where are my current trigger points/tight spots? And which place had me in tears when I got a massage?

We can make them understand, in a way that will make them braver.

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