The last push at the end of the race is always worth it.  If you do push, you’ll be in horrible pain.  But the pain lasts for ten, twenty, thirty seconds, or one minute.  Don’t push, and the pain of what could have been will last so much longer.  Always push yourself.


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Mackenzie Mahler 7th in the world. This ladies and gentlemen is what you get when you do your set 5 times through without stopping on a regular basis. PLANXTY DAVIS might I add. Time to start practicing.

Watched her on the practice floor this week… Phenomenal work ethic.


Got to follow around thefeckinpiper today and take pictures of her at her first Worlds!  Threw in a few extra shots I just liked.

These are all my photos.  Reblogging is cool; copying is not.  Please do not put these on your Instagram or whatever—you will make me has a sad.

My mum is in a worlds gif

My mum is Tumblr famous!


31st in the world!!! I’m so proud of you Tessa I love you!! <3 <3 <3 

This kid was beautiful to watch…. Such a lovely natural style and presence.

You think the dancing you see on stage is inspiring?!

Go sit down in the practice room for an hour or two and just watch… Stripped back, pure hard work and determination. Some of the most inspiring things I have seen this week were in there

I appear to be living off M&S food this week!! So does half the Irish dance community.

It’s sad, there are actually some really vile people involved in Irish dancing. Seriously, why is it so hard for some people to be civilized human beings??